PALS Recertification

What You will need for the new 2020 PALS course.   You will need to have a copy of the PALS Provider Manual.

You can purchase the 2020 manual from the following vendor:

ShopCPR website:  Click on the PALS option.  You can choose either the print version or the eBook version of the student manual. 

Use the following steps to access the Student Resources which is the mandatory precourse self-assessment:

1. Visit

2. Scroll to find the course - PALS PRECOURSE - SELF ASSESSMENT

3. Once you find your course, select Launch Course to begin

Note: If you haven't already logged in, the system will ask you to do so. If you haven't visited the site before, you'll be prompted to set up an account.

How to Get Ready

The PALS Course is designed to teach you the lifesaving skills required to be both a team member and a Team Leader in either an in-hospital or out-of-hospital setting. Because the PALS Course covers extensive material in a short time, you will need to prepare for the course beforehand.

Precourse Requirements

You should prepare for class by doing the following:

1. Review and understand the information in your PALS Provider Manual.

2. Review, understand, and pass the mandatory precourse self-assessment.

3. Review, understand, and complete the mandatory precourse work (video lessons). You must pass the precourse self-assessment before gaining access to the video lessons. Once you have passed the PALS Precourse Self-Assessment and completed the video lessons, print your certificate, and bring it with you to class.

What to Bring to Class

Bring your PALS Provider Manual.  You can use the manual during the course.  


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