"Basic Arrhythmia - Loved Fidel & this course! We need this in nursing school."
~ Jennifer, RN
"Loved the basic arrhythmia class. This is a must prior to ACLS."
~ Jessica
"My ACLS Recert class with Fidel was great. I will never take another ACLS online course. It doesn't teach you teamwork or personal feedback. The class I took from Fidel was hands on, interactive, and laid back. Such a great class. Will always take my recerts in a classroom setting with Fidel."
~ Lisa T. RN
"I love the fact that Professional EMS Education will travel. It's hard for us to leave the workplace to attend classes. The fact they are willing to come to us was a selling point. Thank you!"
~ Anthony Smith
"Wow! Easton is an awesome instructor. The class was very detailed and low key. I feel very confident in my first aid skills after taking this class. I would recommend Easton to teach any first aid and CPR class."
~ Andrea M
"I've always been a bit intimidated by the PALS course. However, Fidel makes this class easy to understand and low stress. The class was great. Thanks for getting me PALS certified!"
~ Nancy, RN
"Fidel, Loree, and Adam are excellent instructors. This was the best ACLS class I've taken in years. I would recommend Professional EMS Education for your ACLS class any day of the week."
~ Cardiologist
"Easton was very hands on.  He was awesome!  He was funny and helped make the class fun in a great learning enviornment. "
~ Katie
"Easton was very friendly and explained everything in detail before moving on to next topic.  "
~ Susan
"Great instructors!  Adam & JD were wonderful and added humor to the class!  Love it, best class ever!"
~ JL
"Thank you Fidel, I really appreciate you working with me and helping me along. I know if i would of taken the I class through some other program i would not be doing so well. You are an awesome instructor and the amount of passion you have for EMS is amazing. Thanks for all you do!!!"
~ Ryan Rose